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The Vintage Life

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It’s the day before New Year’s Eve, and I decided to have myself a vintage moment. I love incorporating a few vintage pieces into my outfit, and this time I decided to go all out. I got the button down crop top when I was at Brick Lane in London. There’s a fabulous vintage underground market (basically my dream come true!), and I would definitely recommend looking for it if you’re in the area. I’m already planning my next flight to London, and I’m going to hit it up for some more great vintage pieces.
The trousers are from a shop in Dizengoff Centre in Tel Aviv, called Flashback. They sell one of a kind vintage pieces, for normal high street prices. They’re not the cheapest, but you can totally find great clothes for quite a bargain compared to some shops that sell vintage pieces for a mortgage. 
The thing to look for when browsing for vintage pieces is to think first about when and how you are going to wear the piece. Think about the clothes you already have in your closet. Can you incorporate the piece you desperately want with anything you already own? If the answer is no, don’t get it unless you’re planning on replacing you wardrobe or buying specific clothes to compliment your vintage pieces. My first vintage piece was actually from my great grandmother, a gorgeous cream sweater with hand sewn pearls and embroidery. I didn’t have much to wear it with, but I slowly started adding more clothes from high street, second hand and vintage shops and markets.
So today I decided to show off some of my favourite vintage pieces from 2016! I want to thank Guy Delarea, who took the photos – anyone who wants a great and creative photographer should hit up his website and check him out! And a special thanks to my best friend Avia Pearlmutter for agreeing to be a prop.
Let me know what you think in the comments below and have an exciting New Year’s Eve and a fabulous start to 2017!!

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