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Blogger Inspiration

By Posted on 3 m read 174 views
There are so many amazing bloggers out there, and you can get inspiration from everywhere.
I wanted to share with you some of my favourite bloggers, the ones I can’t get enough of, and the ones who truly give me inspiration.
I want to start with a blogger probably not many people know of. She is insanely talented and has a quirky and unique style. Her name is Megan Ellaby, and her blog is called (click here for the link). She lives in Manchester with her boyfriend George, and has a brilliant YouTube channel and Instagram feed, highlighting her one-of-a-kind styling with affordable yet glam looking pieces. Highly recommended!

Next up, a fashion blogger who won “Blogger of the Year”, she paved the way for many fashion bloggers. Her name is Chriselle Lim and she has a thriving YouTube channel and is considered one of the leading fashion bloggers and styling professionals in the world (to enter her blog, The Chriselle Factor, click here). Her style is a mix of luxe and casual pieces and she gives great tips on a wide range of subjects, including lifestyle and beauty. Chriselle is really an example of a great entrepreneur in the fashion world, who managed to build a successful brand with her own two hands and look fabulous while doing it!

Aimee Song is definitely one of my inspirations – she wrote a book called Capture Your Style and I 100% recommend it to whoever finds themselves in need of a witty and easy to read guide to taking the perfect Instagram shot, and building up a brand and platform using Instagram. Aimee’s style is also luxe mixed in with casual pieces, with a slightly younger vibe. She travels a lot and it’s always inspirational to see the places she visits and the pieces she matches to each event and location. Her blog is called Song of Style (click here). Bow down to the master guys!

I have to be honest, I’m a sucker for some DIY. My favourite DIY blogger has to be Wendy Liu. Her blog, WithWendy (click here), features her many YouTube videos, where she shows you step by step how to make clothes (usually, she also makes other things). This is great if you love to sew, or are a beginner and want to start easy. Her videos make you calm about making even the more complicated things, and she often incorporates a little summin summin extra.
I found this next blogger totally by accident on Instagram, and fell in love with her pictures. Her name is Jacqueline Mikuta and, together with her boyfriend Klemens White, runs a blog called Mikuta (click here). You rarely see her face in the photos, but her unique way of styling, composing and editing photos has really made me a die hard fan. She lives in Berlin, but writes in English, and her posts are short and sweet. She also travels a lot, and I love seeing how she manages to apply the same editing style to each and every photo, no matter where it was taken in the world.
My last choice, and probably one my favourites as well, is Brittany Xavier, who runs the blog Thrifts and Threads (click here). Her style is casual and edgy, and she showcases the best way to wear affordable injected with those oh so expensive must-have investment pieces. I really like her tips, an she also runs a section on the blog called Blogging Tips, where her husband writes cool articles with tips for blogging beginners.
So that’s all for today! Hope you give these bloggers a look-over as they are bangin! Are there any bloggers that inspire you? Let me know in the comments below!
Shai-li xx

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